I am sure we all are proud to be an Indian. Aren’t we?

Of course there are reasons to it. We are the only country with intense diversified culture, language, food, religions. It has more than 7 different cultures, 23 official languages, 26 traditional food and 1000+ nontraditional food and the list goes on. It’s not the only the diversity which aside us but our culture, heritage and tradition have positioned India uniquely.

But it is saddening to see a country with such rich heritage of traditions and cultures being in the news for all the wrong reasons. We say something, we do something and we hope for something completely different.

This is called hypocrisy.

I would like to bucket it in different categories.


For e.g.

When it comes to ladies in our society

  • We worship lord Durga, Gayatri, Kaali and talk about women empowerment, but treat them poorly.
  • We claim to be feminist, but don’t give a damn about them in real life.
  • We tell our daughter how to be safe, but don’t teach our son to respect women with same sincerity the way he respects his mom/sis.


Indian marriage

  • We suggest our daughters to stay away from strangers but forced to marry a one. i.e. Arrange Marriage
  • On the name of ritual, at times we go beyond insanity and inhumanity;

E.g. When I was in 4th std. there was a marriage in my lane, and they have a culture of giving burning marks on bride body. So after all the ritual, they took a piece of wood of which other end was red hot and simply touched it to bride’s body. She could not even scream out and wept furiously.

  • Marriage exploitation and domestic violence is a personal problem, but divorce and separation let down their status quo.
  • If someone does not want to get married, we start having all wrong assumptions about them.


Discrimination within Indian

  • We blame Americans, Europeans, Australians for being racist, but what we do at home country, we use use derogatory names as chinki, madrasi, bihari, terrorist to J&K people.

E.g. I find myself best fit example for this hypocrisy. Being born in Bihar and Jharkhand, I had been constantly discriminated whether it’s Delhi, Maharashtra, AP, Tamilnadu or recently in Bangalore. To my surprise people start suggesting me,” why do not you” look for options in your state. Why are you spoiling our state/cities etc. And all I can say, I have freedom to live in any state of India.

  • English is not a language anymore, instead a major parameter to judge your intelligence
  • We talk about gender equality, but hardly take violence against men by a woman


Stereotype thinking

  • People may take law in hand and do honor killing, but inter-cast marriage big NO NO

E.g. I have a friend of mine working as a project manager in a Global IT firm and love his 3 years daughter immensely. But he has a strong opinion about her marriage that, if she marries outside his religion, he will chop her into pieces.

  • We asked to be different, but forced to study engineering and medical
  • We are tired of corrupt bureaucrats, but bribe policemen to escape from every situation

E.g. how many of us have not bribed police while caught in traffic?

  • We accept a porn star, but still mock rape victim
  • We judge a girl based on her attire and friends
  • We worship Lord Krishna, but loving someone is not acceptable by many families.
  • We still consider as our sons to get good jobs, but daughter to get good husband first

So what could be reasons behind such hypocrisy? I personally believe it’s not only the lack of education and awareness. Because it happened in high end families too. Couple of reasons which I have identified are;

  1. Indian society is mixed of multiple thought process and social values. This is due to several cultural differences and presence of multiple religions and their belief system.
  2. The presence of multiple ideologies and successive past invasions from different parts of the world and their ruling had different human/social values had a deep rooted impact on our opinions.
  3. Social stigma and what others would say, force us to take law in hand and go extreme.
  4. Adoption of westernization on Indian value system and confliction due to differences. This is due to increasing globalization, however lack of strong foundation of a human is major reason for blind adoption of western culture
  5. Extreme media involvement and irresponsibility possess by them for business gain and to increase TRP
  6. Influence of leaders for political gain by drooling people on the basis of cast, religions, sex and more more
  7. Lack of women initiative at home, which is an ideal unit of a society foundation


But is it fair enough to play blame- game only? Are not we responsible for taking an initiative to change this?

It is saddening to see a country with such rich heritage of traditions and cultures being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

So what we can do about it?

  • The only solution we have here is to raise questions and try to get answers through WHY? Think before you accept any fact or follow someone
  • And moreover start creating awareness among people and the very first step is to educate children, as they are the foundation/future of India

All I wants to say “WHEN WE CHANGE, THE WORLD CHANGES” because Action always beats intentions.