Leave the way soldiers. Leave the way. I want to see your ruthless King.

Let her in. Who are you, lady? Why did you enter my kingdom without seeking my permission? 

O, King Pandya. I’m Kannagi. I’m the wife of Kovalan, who became a victim of your ruthless, hasty, faulty judgment. You killed my beloved blindly without knowing the facts.

O Kannagi. You,the wife of the thief who stole my wife’s Anklet.

Stop it, King Pandya. Is my husband a thief? Is my husband a thief? No. The people who pointed fingers at my innocent husband are thieves.

Your husband was caught red-handed. Don’t you know that my kingdom follows laws? Don’t you know that the law doesn’t spare thieves?

O King Pandya,who is known for upholding justice. What a mockery have you made of justice here?  Your law is not to protect the good and the innocent, but to serve the needs of the mighty people like you. That is why you poured the treasure of my life, my husband into the jaws of death. Look at me. Look at me. I’m left all alone. Tell me, Monarch, why the sword of the executioner moved so fast, even without heeding the defense of my husband.

  • Is this called justice?
  • Is this called righteousness?
  • Is this called Kingdom
  • Dare you call yourself a king practicing virtue and upholding truth?


Kannagi, Your husband stole my Queens anklet. Your husband had my wife’s anklet in his band.

No. My husband had his wife Kannagi’s anklet in his hand.

No lady. I wont believe it.

Who are you to believe it? Who asked for your explanation? I have come here to sue you. You are the accused.

Am I the  accused? How dare you say that lady?

Yes. You are accused. The judgment has to come from these men in the courtroom. O, men. Give me a good judgment.  Look at the anklet in my hands. My husband had the other pair. He came to your kingdom to sell my anklet for our living.

Lady, can you prove that your husband had your anklet and not my wife’s. Can you prove that one of the anklets which my queen is wearing now belongs to you?

Pandya. What does your wife’s anklet contain inside? Pearls or Ruby?

My wife’s anklet has pearls.

But my anklet has Ruby stones.

Lady, let me break open the two anklets which my Queen is wearing.

Look.  It has Peals

Okay. Break the next one.

What? It has Ruby.

O king. It is not Ruby. Those are drops of blood. The drops of blood from the eyes of “Rightfulness”, from the eyes of “Dharma”.

Pandya. If you still have doubt, here is my another anklet, with Ruby.

O lady. Forgive me. I committed a grave mistake.


Is there any use, seeking forgiveness now? Would you be able to fit the severed head of my husband on to his shoulders again and would you be able to bring him back to life? You cannot, I know.

Pandya, ministers and Elders of this court, answer me? Your tongues are tied and your heads hang in shame; who dare talk justice now?

Pandyan Nedunchezhian’s virtue and power – are they not less than the dust under his chariot wheels now? What a fall, Nedunchezhian’s? You are an object of derision for the whole of this soil. Having lost your honor, do you still need a marbled hall and a palace?  Having held justice to ridicule, why does your trembling hand still hold the scepter?

Cry King. You have made me to cry for my whole life. Cry. You crushed my soul, my beloved husband.

Let the kingdom of Pandya Vanish. Let the kingdom be crushed. Let the fire in my heart burn entire Madurai.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The capital city of Pandyas was set ablaze resulting in huge losses.
However, at the request of Goddess Meenakshi, she calmed down and later, attained salvation.

Kannagi – Symbol of true love & chastity