How many of you here, know what you really love to do in life? Some of us still have no idea, right?

If you ask yourself, Why do I still not know that? The answer is quite simple. You haven’t really put in enough efforts to find out what you really love to do.

Good evening fellow Toastmasters and guests!

Finding what you love is one of the hardest things to do in life. And some of us, even though we know what we love, we don’t end up pursuing it. The most common reasons would be, Will I earn enough money by doing it? Or  will my family be okay with it, if I take it up, Right?

Let me take my example, I chose to take up Chartered Accountancy, please don’t ask me why okay! I just took it up. I cleared the first 2 levels of my exams, ‘in the first attempt’, got an internship opportunity in the Auditing Department of a 28 Billion$ company and yeah, I was earning a little more than the other interns my age. But, within the first few months of my work, I started to question myself every single day, do I want to spend the rest of my life checking numbers? And the answer every single time was a Big No!

Now came the toughest decision, What to value more? Money or happiness? Unfortunately, we’re all accustomed to valuing money more, right? But one day we’ll realise that all though we’re earning enough money, we’re just not happy. Instead of updating our profiles on Facebook, we update our profile on or, yeah? Some of us starting cribbing to our friends and family, saying you know what! This job does not match my potential, Yar…..

I didn’t wanna do that, so, I quit my job because it was taking away too much of my time and all the time that I saved up, I used it to find out what I love to do! And luckily, I did! It’s Graphic designing. Designing is one thing that I’d be happy to do for the rest of my life. Now that I’ve found it, My next job is to find out how to make a good living out of it. My logic is like this, if you like what you’re doing, you’ll do more of it, if you do more, you’ll get better at it, if you get better, one day you’ll be one of the best. And when you’re one of the best, money or whatever it is that you value the most, will find its way to you.

Now, remember I told you, finding what you love is one of the hardest  I things to do in life?

If clearing IIT exams is this hard, finding what you love to do is THAT hard. Why is that? Because, firstly there is no syllabus. You cannot use formulas to find out what you really love.

Second, there is no fixed time frame. There are people who take decades and there are people who just take minutes. You just can’t tell.

Third, most important, nobody in this world can make you find out what you really love, except you. Remember, ( repeat 3 headings)

There is no such thing that you do this, you do that and you’ll find out what you love to do. Cause If it was like that, all of us would know it.

The truth is, everyone has their own way of finding it. Let me tell you how I found mine.

I asked myself a  question, what work by me today can bring a smile on someone’s face?

I looked at the things I liked to do, looked at the things I was good at, did some brainstorming and then I realised it was graphic designing. In my previous job, no matter how hard I worked, the only person who smile  was my immediate boss. All he would say is, good job it’s done on time. THAT’s IT!

But, Just imagine, When I come up with some quality design work, be it my client, be it another designer or just any other person who looks at my work and comes up to me and says, your work is creative, your work inspires me, I like your work, can you make one for me? Listening to things like this makes a person want to do more, it makes him happier.

Hence, today, I can’t really tell you how to go about finding what you love But, All I can do is, urge you not to give up until you find it.

Trust me, when you get paid to put a smile on someone’s face, there’s a smile on your face too.

So, I’d like to conclude my speech by saying, It is your duty to find out what you really love and put your heart and soul into it.

Thank you.