How many of you have experienced a peak time when our daily schedule seems to be monotonous and we feel the utmost necessity of a break? What do we generally do? We plan for a vacation to a calm, serene place is it not? Why? Because…….

Humans have been gifted with an intellectual that makes them capable of learning and understanding lessons that are taught by each and everything around them. Life, they say is a long journey through twisted paths and the best teacher that might encourage you to live it joyfully is the beautiful nature. It keeps teaching us a variety of lessons through its various forms and everyone can look upon to one form or the other and discover its various teachings.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when depression numbs the better side of you and makes you feel empty inside and lifeless outside. I have learnt 7 important lessons from nature which helped me and I am sharing the same with you all today.

Earth: To me earth is a symbol of utmost patience. She sacrifices everything to sustain the life on her, like fruits, trees, plants, vegetables, gold, fuel. She does not fail to teach us that one can be as selfish and get what he wants, but the real skill is to be selfless and give away things to others.

Air: We have to breathe to live. Air is everywhere. But we cannot see it. Not all things that exist can be seen or heard. Some things need to be felt like Air. I learnt a lesson from Air that don’t be limited to your 5 senses. Use your intuition and develop the practice of believing in the things you feel.

Sky: Sky looks like a backdrop in a show with. rain, sun, wind, thunderstorms, lightening taking place. No matters what storms are passing by, it remains calm as the entire happening are transient and beyond that it is eternal & unaffected. I learnt from the sky that one who stays the same and unaffected in all situations can find happiness in life.

Water: Life on earth is impossible without water. We can survive without food but cannot survive without water. It is so adaptable and transparent. I learnt that we also become transparent and adaptable then life is a gift.

Fire: Fire is a symbol of purity. Whatever you put in fire turns into ashes irrespective of good or bad. Likewise we as an individual should have pure thoughts so that we do not get influenced by good or bad people around us.

Sunset: The setting sun filling the canvas of sky with amazing colors is a beautiful thing to watch. But there is a very important aspect associated sunset. The setting sun is taking us one day close to death and I feel it actually says that we have lost the present of today to achieve something. Time is precious; Try to make the maximum of today to enjoy life.

Sea: I learnt a beautiful lesson of staying grounded and within limits from the sea. Rivers constantly keep heading towards the sea for its awaited unison. However, Sea does not cross its limits with all the river water being added. Likewise we should also stay grounded no matter to what extent we grow in life.

Nature has shown that it’s never too late to take care of yourself. Life is wonderful. But some days, stress can really get you down. For the days when you need an extra push to live your best life, remember these incredible life lessons from the natural world. Whenever you choose, you can heel yourself — physically, mentally or emotionally.